Keynote Speaker

Michele is a keynote speaker at meetings and conferences around the world for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and communities. Her presentations are founded in her belief that people are extraordinary and have the capacity to create far better futures than we have dared to dream. She comes to these beliefs through her personal life and professional experiences. Her beliefs have been validated through her research for her books and documentary about people who have dared to dreamed big and turned their dreams into reality and contributed to making the world a better place. Her public speaking topics include:

  • Visionary Leadership: Innovating for the Greater Good
  • The Secret to Cultural Transformation
  • The Power and Beauty of Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Power of DreamMakers: Personal stories of people, organizations, and communities that transformed their positive vision and values into reality

Her presentations are founded on her belief that people have the capacity to create far better futures than we have dared to dream. She comes to these beliefs through her personal and professional experiences and by researching and writing about people, organizations, and communities that transformed their compelling visions into reality, against tremendous obstacles.

Michele has engaged audiences around the world including: 

→ Companies → Associations → Development Institutions → Gov. Community, Non Profits

Keynote Speaker - Michele Hunt, JEWC Opening

Keynote Speaker - Michele Hunt, JEWC Opening

Conscious Business Digital Festival. Brazil


  • IBM – Senior Leaders
  • Hewlett Packard – Executive and Professional Women’s Conference
  • Motorola’s Radio Products Group
  • Swiss Reinsurance Company – Leadership Conference, Zurich Switzerland
  • Banco Popular North America
  • Banco Popular Administrative Committee – Puerto Rico
  • EVERTEC – Leadership conferences – Puerto Rico
  • Banco do Brasil – Rio de Janeiro
  • LIGHT – Brazil’s Electrical Company, Rio de Janeiro
  • SulAmerica Segura – Rio de Janeiro
  • Benedictine Health Systems – Leadership Conference
  • St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital – Martin Luther King Celebration


  • The Peter Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management – Annual Conference
  • The Conference Board – CEO Leadership Conference
  • Association of Training and Development professionals (ASTD) International Conference, closing keynote speaker
  • Young Presidents Club – Rio de Janeiro
  • Executive Club Of Chicago – Senior Women’s Dinner
  • The Kellogg Foundation – Fellows Program
  • The National Association of Fund Raisers – Annual Conference
  • National School Board Association – Administrators Conference
  • Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM) – Annual Conference
  • Association of Human Resources (ABRH) Amazon Chapter – Manaus, Brazil
  • Association of Human Resources (ABRH), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Junior Enterprise World Conference, Paraty, Brazil
  • The Association of Girl Scouts Executive Staff

Academic and Executive Development Institutions

  • The Aspen Institute – Tomorrows Corporation (24 participants, 3 day dialogue sessions), The Young Managers Program and the Writer’s Lecture Series
  • The Society for Organizational Learning (Peter Senge’s Systems Thinking), Sloan School of Management, MIT Annual Conferences
  • Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN), Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University – Executive Masters in Leadership Program
  • TEDx San Francisco VIP Dinner
  • Episcopal Divinity School at Harvard, Shared Vision Conference

Government, Community, Non Profits

  • The United Nations – Vision for a Better World Global Dialogue
  • NASA – Senior Leadership Meeting
  • US Secretary of Defense – Strategic Human Resource Leadership Forum
  • The National Park Service – Leadership Conference
  • The Veterans Administration – Annual Leadership Conference
  • The US Department of Labor – Human Resources Leadership Forum
  • US Department of Education – Leadership Team Retreat
  • US Customs Service Leadership Team
  • Growing Sustainable Communities, Dubuque, Iowa
  • NUSA, Eugene, Oregon – (400 attendees)
  • Chicago Public Schools Leadership Team
  • Aruba Quality Foundation
  • Imagine Aruba, Vision Conference
  • Bahamas Quality Foundation