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Author, DreamMakers: Innovating for the Greater Good (2017)

DreamMakers Innovating for the Greater Good

“It is the great irony of our day that, in a world where more and more people know that the future will look very different from the past, the most visible stories of the present seem more and more driven by desperate, fear-driven efforts to return to the past. In a time when it is easy to set aside hope as naïve, Michele Hunt reminds us that all change starts with protecting that small spark of possibility and then takes us on a tour of amazing fire protectors around the world.”
- Peter Senge, MIT and Academy for System Change, author of The Fifth Discipline

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Strategic Advisor: Leadership and Organizational Development

Since 1995, Michele has been helping leaders of businesses, nonprofit organizations and communities to realize their vision of success, in alignment with their core values.

She brings an approach and process that enables leaders to engage the people in their organizations and their key stakeholders in making change happen. This approach engenders shared understanding, commitment and shared ownership, resulting in deep, sustainable, positive changes in the culture.

Michele has the experience and passion necessary to help leaders bring about significant positive change.

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DreamMakers Documentary Trailer
DreamMakers Documentary (Full Film)

Keynote Speaker at Meetings and Conferences

Michele is a keynote speaker at meetings and conferences around the world for businesses, organizations and communities. Her topics include:

  • The Power of DreamMakers
  • Innovating for the Greater Good
  • The Secret to Organizational and Community Transformation

Her presentations are founded on her belief that people have the capacity to create far better futures than we have dared to dream. Michele believes that we can co-create a world where all people and the planet have the opportunity to flourish. She comes to these beliefs through her personal and professional experiences and by researching and writing about people, organizations and communities that transformed their compelling visions into reality, against tremendous obstacles.

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