Michele is the author of the DreamMakers book series, numerous articles, a blog, and she collaborated on the DreamMakers film.

About DreamMakers Book Series:

The stories in these books demonstrate what all of us can accomplish once we unleash the DreamMaker within – a capacity for visionary leadership that can promote profound change in organizations, communities, and the world.

Michele is the author of the DreamMakers book series and film and has contributed chapters to numerous publications:

DreamMakers: Innovating for the Greater Good, Routledge, Taylor & Frances Group 2017
DreamMakers: Putting Vision and Values to Work, Foreword by Max De Pree, Amazon 1998
DreamMakers: Agents of Transformation, Saraiva Publishing 2010, published in Brazil and featuring Brazilian DreamMakers.

Her New Book, DreamMakers: Innovating for the Greater Good is published by Routlege: Taylor & Frances Group Routlege: Taylor & Frances Group


DreamMakers: Innovating for the Greater Good

The DreamMakers in this book are redefining success for the 21st century from money and power for the few, to well being and flourishing for all.

I shine a light on the compelling stories of business innovators, social entrepreneurs, community leaders and cross-world movements, who believe that people and the planet are sacred, so they lead their businesses and organizations with the greater good in mind. These generous people share the defining moments in their personal journeys, their vision, values and results, and what they are learning along the way. They show us how they are innovating for the greater good and making their personal hopes and dreams come true. 

My hope is that these stories will help to unleash the DreamMaker in all of us to pursue a vision of worldwide flourishing.

DreamMakers: Innovating for the Greater Good


DreamMakers Book Series, Articles, Blog & Documentary

Inspiring both for who they are and for what they have accomplished, the extraordinary leaders, organizations, and communities profiled in Michele’s DreamMakers Series, articles, her blog and documentary, offer new insights into achieving success with vision, integrity and compassion. She shares stories of eminent leaders who are committed to creating organizations and communities where “people can thrive, businesses can prosper and the planet can flourish”.

She has contributed chapters in numerous books including:

The International Journal of Ethical Leadership.
The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook by Peter Senge.
Leading People by Robert Rosen.
Coaching by Values: A Guide to Success in the Life of Business and the Business of Life, by Simon Dolan She has also contributed articles to numerous publications including.
Leader to Leader publication, special tribute to the Peter F. Drucker Centennial.

What people are saying about DreamMakers: Innovating for the Greater Good

“It is the great irony of our day that, in a world where more and more people know that the future will look very different from the past, the most visible stories of the present seem more and more driven by desperate, fear-driven efforts to return to the past. In a time when it is easy to set aside hope as naïve, Michele Hunt reminds us that all change starts with protecting that small spark of possibility and then takes us on a tour of amazing fire protectors around the world.”
Peter Senge, MIT and Academy for System Change, author of The Fifth Discipline

“Michele shares the journeys of leaders, entrepreneurs and communities who fearlessly dream a positive future for humankind and the planet. These inspiring people have committed their lives in service to making that beautiful dream come true. This book is about hope. It invites us all to look inside our hearts and discover our unique spirit of DreamMaking, and put that force to work to help create a flourishing world.”
Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO of The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute, Editor-in-Chief of Leader to Leader Journal, Recipient of the US Presidential Medal of Freedom

“Another amazing book by an amazing author which is a must-read for all that are concerned about the future, and the future of our society and the future of our children. Michele Hunt has carefully crafted stories of leaders, of dreams and or business realities that can serve as a benchmark to others. If you care, if you want to be touched and join the dreamers in action, read this book.”
Simon L. Dolan, Professor, ESADE (ESADE Business School, St Cugat (Barcelona), Future of Work Chair & President of the Board of Trustees – Global Future of Work Foundation, author of Cross-Cultural Competence and Coaching By Values

“In DreamMakers, Michele shines a light on stories of innovation that are helping to write a new and positive narrative for humanity. These stories are not only inspirational; however, they are also invitational. They invite each of us to shine a light on our own passions and talents to help create a flourishing world in our unique spheres of influence. From envisioning our families, to our organizations, to our entire communities as catalysts for the greater good, Michele reminds us that we can all be DreamMakers!” 
Lindsey Godwin, Professor and Director of the Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry, Champlain College

"DreamMakers not only inspires you to realize the greater good that only you can do, but shows how to get it done. The powerful individuals, stories and insights she shares will change your life for the better so that you can do the same for others."
Simon Mainwaring, CEO, We First, and author of New York Times bestseller, We First

“For anyone who’s felt the call to work in a way that’s less about the balance sheet and more about balance in the world, Michele Hunt offers a much-needed infusion of optimism and inspiration.  This collection of wisdom from those who are redefining corporate sustainability and social good will kindle the human spirit in the work we do.”
Lyell Clarke, President and CEO, Clarke

"Michele Hunt is the ultimate DreamMaker. Her inspiring book is a ‘beacon of hope’ for all of us. Her stories give us great comfort that there are remarkable people among us who are leaving ‘no stone unturned’ and meeting whatever challenges they face to make this a better world for all of us."
Joseph M. Brodecki, Principal, Bernstein Global Wealth Management; Presidential (of the United States) appointee to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Council, member of the Museum’s governing board.

"What an inspiration to read Michele Hunt´s new book! Sharing with us the inspiration and lessons learned from incredible individuals who relentlessly and successfully have acted upon their vision for a better world, Michele Hunt gives us hope.  May reading this book become the defining moment for us all, helping us awaken our own DreamMaker. We can – and should -  all take part in the quiet revolution to build a brand new world where people, planet, and business all prosper.  Showing the way, this book is just what the world needs in these troubled times."
Ingrid Stange, Founder and Chair, Partnership for Change, Oslo Norway

"How Michele Hunt can find so many wonderful innovations for the common good, I don't know.  Her book about the people who are changing things for the better will uplift your spirit."
Max De Pree, Former Chairman and CEO of Herman Miller, Inc., author of Leadership is an Art

The Huffington Post

Michele is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post

Michele's Blog: "And The Good News Is..."

Thoughts and stories of people dreaming a new future and transforming their lives in spite of the chaos and confusion in our world.

DreamMakers Documentary

Michele collaborated with co-directors filmmaker Paloma Suau and Emmy and Peabody award-winning filmmaker Susan Koch in the production of DreamMakers.

DreamMakers is a documentary about hope, intended for anyone seeking to create a better future. The very personal stories featured in this film are about struggle and triumph. It is about people who have the faith and courage to hold a positive vision for their future and turn their vision into reality, against tremendous obstacles.


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